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Welcome To Wikitpis.net – A Blogging, PC, Technology Reviews Blog.

Wiki tips is a Blog for all the newbies and learners who are new in PC, Blogging and Techgeek.

Wikitips provides you with information about Blogging, PC, Latest Software,  Earn Money Online, Tech Reviews who wants to learn something new in digital marketing.

The motive behind starting Wikitis is to provide the best information to the people who want to learn Tech Reviews and PC arts Passionately.

I am trying my best to serve you with the best information in the easiest way so that, you can learn more out or it. If you have any suggestion then, feel free to ing me u. I will surely improve it and serve you with the best.

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About Author & Founder

Mangesh Wakchaure

Hello Guys, My name is Mangesh Nivrutti Wakchaure, Passionate about Digital Marketing and Tech Geek.
In October 2018 I started my website, because of inconsistency and lack of knowledge. It was a failure.
After that, I have created some websites and blogs with coy paste work, that also didn’t work for me.
I was a beginner at that time. And I am just focusing on earning money through digital marketing as soon as possible.
Then I realize that doing Digital Marketing for earning money will not work. The thing which will work here is patience.
After failing much time. I decided to learn more about Digital marketing. Then, I watched lots of youtube videos and read many articles related to digital marketing, blogging, Seo.
After getting enough knowledge I have started this blog named wikitis.net And, this is working now because this time I have knowledge and patience also.
That all about me.