Our Mission

To provide direct and on-point articles, making reading easy and fast.

About Us

Started in 2020, WikiTips is a blending of the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning quick, and tips, meaning the pointed end. It is an online project created to provide direct and on-point articles, making reading easy and fast.
WikiTips features a team of economists, educationists, tech enthusiasts, lifestyle lovers, and crypto- fanatic writers dedicated to sharing information from their fields of study and insights for a better life.

Why Choose Us

WikiTips community is determined to take the load of sorting through all the hefty information and facts across the web and make a simple-to-read article that is just on point. WikiTips articles provide numerous links to major and reliable websites for additional information, meaning you never miss anything on the topics of interest.
All our articles have been written by knowledgeable people who are endowed with the desire to produce the best pieces. We don’t stop there; we are dedicated to constantly improving what you see on WikiTips. If a piece is incomprehensible, we are ready to review it. If an article has not been presented in the simplest way to be understood, we will redraw it and make it exactly what our users desire. We never rest until you get the best.
We also focus on becoming the internet’s answers to various topics, from crypto, gadgets, fitness, and lifestyle. WikiTips has the latest and most updated information. We have a team of writers who carefully look for the latest in the market and see how they can make it simple for you.
We stand by our notion that knowledge should not be confined. We strive hard to keep things up-to-date and straightforward for everyone throughout the globe. We aspire to become your number one source of information and knowledge. We value your feedback, and so we have a team dedicated to monitoring all the feedback from you, our readers, on each article. More importantly, we would want to hear from you because you are our number 1 priority.