3 Things To Check Before Accepting Link Exchange Request

Yesterday I got an email from someone asking me to link exchange with his Page Rank 5 blog. He told me that he will put the link up in 24 hrs after I keel his link. I clicked the link and was amazed to see his site. His site had PR 5 with only 5-6 articles and all the articles were written on 16th May 2011 i.e two days back. I explored his blog and at last, came to the conclusion that he had a fake page rank. So, I decided to share some measures to be taken before accepting any link exchange request. Let’s start:

Check if the site/blog has a fake page rank or not

Check if the site/blog suits your site niche

The link exchange will be of no use or if you exchange the links with off-topic sites. Suppose you have a blog about Mobiles and you’re exchange links with a Car Insurance website. Does it sounds natural ? NO! so, avoid exchanging links to off-topic sites

Check if the site/blogs fall under these 4 categories

Before accepting link exchange request please note that site does not fall under these four categories:

  1. Viagara
  2. Gambling
  3. Porn
  4. Pirated stuff like movies, software and music

So, before accepting any blogroll request make sure you follow the above three things.

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