Unlimited Hosting Truth : Internet Fraud

To attract new customers many web hosting companies use the word “Unlimited”. They tell that they will give unlimited hosting and unlimited bandwidth for a few dollars per month. New bloggers fall in the unlimited fraud trap, let’s find out the truth of unlimited hosting.

The truth about Unlimited Bandwidth

  • I bought my first hosting and domain from Dreamhost at $10 per year with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. When I bought this hosting plan I had limited knowledge about it.
  • After 9-10 months, the traffic on my blog increased and I got an email from Dreamhost to upgrade my account as my blog was crossing the CPU usage limit line.
  • I asked them, from where does this CPU usage come, I was told that I” ll get unlimited space and bandwidth. They told me that my blog is using more than required CPU usage and other blogs hosted on my server may suffer due to this.
  • They did not listen to me and upgraded my account without asking me. At that stage, I thought I could have explored hosting terms before buying one.
  • Many web hosting companies do not tell that with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth, they will give limited CPU quota.
  • As your website/blog will start getting huge traffic, you will be asked to upgrade your account and if you don’t then your hosting will be switched off.

The truth about Unlimited Hosting

Here is a task for you to check is your hosting plan really unlimited or not.

  • If you’re using the Unlimited Shared Hosting plan, upload some big size files on your server.
  • Do it for 2-3 days regularly and in a few days you will get an email from your hosting provider that due to increase in traffic your blog is crossing CPU usage, so please upgrade your account.

So, keep in mind one thing that the word unlimited practically does not exists, never get cheated by web hosting scams.

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