Why Webmasters Should Worry Too Much About Domain Names

here are a few points that I think why webmasters/bloggers should worry too much about domain names. Let’s start:

The domain name must not include copyright keyword in the domain name

Recently Facebook made an announcement that all the domain names including the word Facebook are going to be closed as they’ve made it copyright and no one can use it in their domain names and the same announcement was made by WordPress also. This is the reason many blogs suffered a lot and changed their domain names and lost rankings in the search engines as Facebooknol got changed to FBknol, FacebookPlus got changed to FB plus. This is the first reason, why every webmaster must consider domain names too much.

The domain name must include the best niche keyword in your domain name

  • The benefit I get from my domain name is that I get many unique visitors daily on my blog from search engines when they search for Blogging Ideas. Have a look:


As I share blogging tips on my blog and have blogging ideas keywords in my domain name I get many unique visitors, so it a plus point to include the best niche keyword in your blog.

  • Another reason for including best niche keyword in your domain name is that the new visitors come to know the exact niche of your blog just by reading the domain name. Suppose, you searched for a keyword on Google says “Best WordPress Tricks” and the two top sites were wpTricks and Labnol. Now, the majority of the visitors will click on wpTricks because the domain name says that the site is about WordPress tricks, so it is highly recommended to have the best niche keyword in your domain name.

Top-level domain names are the best

If your site does not target a local audience or a particular country, do not buy domain names with extensions of country names like .in, .co.uk etc. Suppose, you buy .in domain, Google will think that the particular domain is best for Indian users and it will show your blog more in search results on Google.co.in as compared to Google.co.uk or Google.jp etc and if you buy .com or .org or .net or .info domain, Google does not treats these domain name for any defined country. So, it is better to go for .com or .org or .net or .info if your site does not target local audience. Do read my article on  .Com.Org .Net Vs.Info.

So, these are some points that forced me to say that webmasters should worry too much about domain names. What do you think about my points? Are you satisfied with me or go with Mani’s opinion.

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